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Rayy Slyy Latney

The Amira Wheelchair bed

Read his story in the next edition of SOWBO Magazine

 Genius Jones 

Genius Jones is a man of many titles but the most important ones are Motivator, comedian, father, and husband. He uses his keen sense of humor and love for communicating with others to inspire people to live life on purpose. He loves the community and usually serves as an emcee, speaker, and or panelist. His podcast the GENIUS JONES SHOW talks about his battle with depression real-life issues and ways we as people can stay encouraged through hard times. His ultimate goal is to travel the world using his voice as his wings 


Facebook: Sherod Jones (personal)

Instagram: @iamgeniusjones

Podcast on ITunes Now

Jeermal Sylvester- Indiana 

Jeermal "Mr. Me 2" Sylvester

Consultant/Certified Youth Specialist/Manager

Stephen H. Goldstein- Philadelphia

Stephen H. Goldstein

Evolution Financial Group

1400 N Providence Rd

Suite 117

Media, PA 19063

P 610-891-9700

C 267-273-5273 • F 610-892-2900

Coach Ty Hodges- Florida

Coach Ty Hodges


Twitter / Instagram @IAMCOACHTY

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