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Helping Women Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

About Us

About Our Magazine

 Society of Women Business Owners started in 2009; as an organization that brought together women business owners and women aspiring to become entrepreneurs. We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our organization consists of professionals who are well rounded in different industries and businesses.

SOWBO Magazine is the publication  of our organization. The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide.

Browse our website to learn more about what we have to offer. If you have any questions about our publications and our membership, please contact us. Our headquarters is based in Florida,  we serve women across the United States.

     About The Founder
 Tonya Latney
 The Dream Coach
Business Owner, Speaker, Coach and Author

Tonya’s keywords for her life are, “Keep It Moving.” Living her life by these words, she has always been inspired to be the best person she could be. Tonya loves to edify and educate women, and she desires nothing more than to help women “birth their dreams” and “live on purpose.”

Her road to her Promised Land started when she was a teenage parent and lived in the housing projects in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her life’s path had started on a road she had not planned. However, she decided that she wanted to become a success and not a statistic. Education and hard work would be the “recipe” to her Promised Land.

Tonya also had the desire to become an entrepreneur. She founded: Birthing  Your Dreams International  which includes:

                                                                                                 She is also an author who wrote the book, “From the Projects to the Land.”

                                                         Youtube- Recipe For You Life- The Dream Coach

" Don't take your dreams to the grave"

-Tonya Latney

“If I can help just one woman to birth their dream and to live on purpose then my life’s purpose is fulfilled”

- Tonya Latney

“I truly believe you hold the key to unlock another woman’s success, “Whose key do you do you hold”

- Tonya Latney

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